Hawaiian Gifts - Houseware Items


Airbrush Light Plates - Single - $7.00 each

Airbrush Light Plates - Double - $8.00 each

Dress up your room. Individually painted. Incorporates a rainbow of color on plastic plate base. Two mounting screws provided

for each single and four for each double. MOUNTING SCREWS PAINTED TO MATCH PLATE DESIGN!!

Made on Island of Hawaii.     Product Code: ALP

Dolphin Single (100), Dolphin Double (101)

Pink Plumeria Single (200), Pink Plumeria Double (201)

White Plumeria Single (400), White Plumeria Double (401)

Purple Orchid Single (500), Purple Orchid Double (501)

Bird of Paradise Single (600), Bird of Paradise Double (601)

Red Hibiscus Single (700), Red Hibiscus Double (701)

Petroglyph Single (800), Petroglyph Double (801)

Turtle (Honu) Single (900), Turtle (Honu) Double (901)


Hawaiian Kitchen Towels - $8.00 each

100% cotton towel with environmentally friendly inks. Heat set to insure minimal fading. Approx. 18 in. by 30 in. Design covers approx. 16-18 in by 18 in on each. Cold water wash without bleach. Tumble dry. Designed on Oahu.                Product Code: HKT

Hibiscus (100)          Pineapple (200)          Honu (Turtle) (300)


Hawaiian Recipe Magnets - $14.00 per set of four

Each magnet has a different recipe: Huli Huli Chicken,

Oven Kalua Pork, Potato Macaroni Salad, & Macadamia

Nut Cookies. Recipe is easy to follow using ingredients

found in most supermarkets. Each is 2 in by 2 in. Individually wrapped. Recipe mounted on wood with a secure magnet attached. Made on Oahu.

Product Code: HRM         

Hawaiian Recipe Magnet Set (100 thru 103)


Foam Flowers - $7.00 per set of 5 blooms

Perpetual blooms. Made from sturdy wood based foam. Highly resilient and flexible. Pedals will not break when bent or handled. Can be floated in water bowl and can remain in water up to 2 weeks. Allow blooms to dry thoroughly. Not scented. Designed on Oahu.

Product Code: FF

Foam Flowers-White/Yellow Plumeria (100)

Foam Flowers-Pink/Yellow Plumeria (200)


Hawaiian Place Mats - $30.00 per set of four

Hand sewn.  Placement of pattern will vary due to variation in fabric cuts. Wash in cold water using gentle cycle. Tumble dry low. Place mats sold ONLY in sets of 4.  Each mat approx. 17 in. by 13 in. Wash in cold water using gentle cycle. Tumble dry. Hand sewn on Kauai.    

Product Code:  HPM


Hawaiian Place Mat Set-Surf

                           Board (200)