Hawaiian Gifts - Personal Items 1

Hawaiian Bookmark - Reg. $3.00 each

Unique handmade paper created using recycled paper in Hawaii. Sheet individually dried in the warmth of the Hawaiian sun. Traditional Hawaiian motifs added by the artist, bringing back memories of Hawaii's tropical paradise. Handmade paper has unusual texture creating a tactile sensation.  Each bookmark reinforced with a stiff backing sheet to give it firmness and more durability. Top is accented with two coordinating colored ribbons tied at the top. Packaged in a poly bag for shipment. Approx. 2 in. wide by 6 in. long. Made on Oahu.

Product Code: HBM

                                    Tropical Fish (100)     Green Honu (200)       Petroglyph (300)

Neck Cooler Tie - $5.00 each

Refresh on a hot day using this Hawaiian Neck Cooler Tie and show your "aloha spirit". Stays cool for 24 hours with one soaking in cool water. Distribute the special crystals sewn inside evenly before soaking. Soak whole tie in cool water for approx. 30-45 minutes and tie it comfortably around your neck, wrist, arm, or leg to enjoy the cool refreshment for 24 hours.  Blood cools as it circulates throughout the body, sending a cooling message to  your brain  Hand washable. Simply hand wash for a few minutes, rise thoroughly, and hang to air dry. Reuse tie over and over again by re-soaking in cool water. Approx. 1 1/2 in. wide and 36 in long.  Made on Oahu.

Product Code: NCT                                Tropical Fish Design (100)      Blue Petroglyph Design (200)